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Incarna: Software & Services for Mac OS X iDress offers to print labels from Address Book in all sorts of pre-formatted outputs (Avery, Dymo, envelopes, etc.) We'll have to give this one a try .. iDress

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  • 06 Dec 2002

    David Roessli:

    Picked this up on Apple Discussions:
    Original Message
    (Posted Sep 23, 02 11:34 pm)
    The inability of AppleWorks to do a mail merge with the Address Book in X 10.2 is a major downfall. Until Apple comes up with a fix in an updated AppleWorks, I’m using AppleScript.
    I’ve created a simple script to get names and addresses from a group in Address Book and copy them to an AppleWorks database. From this database you can use the usual mail merge funtion.
    It’s a bit of a kluge solution but it works and still allows you to use Address Book as your contacts database.
    You can download the example script from my idisk:
    Finder->Go->Connect to Server:
    The example uses a Xmas Card Recipients group. You can change the name of the group in the script to suit your purposes.
    Harold Shields

  • 09 Dec 2003

    Jerry Watson:

    I tried to download your script but the site is pass protected.

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