Kung-Log: manage your blogs 

This week's discovery: a Mac OS X application to manage your Movable Type weblog. Edit, preview, publish. A real treat.
[ preview ]
I need to keep the editing up know (if my cholecystitis permits it..)
Kung-foo.tv {chaotic intransient prose bursts} is well worth a visit too ..
NetNewsWire Pro currently in beta, does a good job to, eventhough I prefer Kung-Log's strait forward approach (eventhough I can't edit a recent post). NetNewsWire doubles as a RSS feed reader and NotePad. The good side is that it isn't limited to MT weblogs, it supports Blogger, Radio and others.
NetNewsWire Lite is a sole RSS reader, and does a good job of it adopting OutLooks's familiar 3 pane interface:

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