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  • A certain kind of person

    Apple presented a great movie clip on the greatness of the people behind the Mac.

  • Name Mangler : a hidden favourite Mac app

    Name Mangler by Many Tricks is a life saver when you have batches of files to organise and rename, and it’s super fast (and revertible). These actions could all be performed on the command line or via a shell script, but it’s so much faster to launch Name Mangler and get on with whatever you are trying to achieve.

  • Why run a home server?

    My home server acts essentially as a backup and media server. I run Plex and iiTunes on it. It hosts all our music, films, TV shows and home videos, the original copies of our iCloud Photo libraries, my Lightroom master files and all the content of my Dropbox account (just in case).

  • SiteSucker : a hidden favourite Mac App

    Beyond the essential apps I use on a daily basis such as 1Password, Textmate, PasteBot or SuperDuper, etc. there are a few gems that live in my Application folder that I use on an infrequent basis, but which have followed me ever since I discovered them.

  • Aperture 3 fails to honor time zones
  • New Mac setup log
  • Gentle upgrade to Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6)
  • Prowl, a Growl Client for iPhone
  • iPhone v3.0 OS MMS and tethering
  • Get your MacBook to sleep smart

    I almost never shutdown my MacBook Pro, I always send it to sleep. Faster wake up time, this behaviour makes sense on a laptop. Only, it can take ages for the MacBook to actually go to sleep. Check how long it takes between the moment you close the lip, and the power led start pulsing. Ages.

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