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Apple music show all songs mov

“Show All Music” has become “Show Music Available Offline” in the newly launched Apple Music, and I'm having trouble remembering where this setting is located (it must be my age…).

It used to be in the Music settings, but now it's located in the “My Music” sorting dropdown menu which defaults to “Artists”. I don't know if it's just me, but I don't expect to find a setting in a sorting menu, eventhough it makes kind of sense to put it there I guess.

Δρόμος προς Ελλάδα

With love from Paros

Time to unplug and reboot. We're off to Greece to relax and recharge out batteries.

Happy Summer to all.

Happy Dad's day

Happy Dad's day

May 2002

The Talk Show live from WWDC with Phil Shiller

The Talk Show cover

John Gruber has been recording his podcast live from WWDC these last few years, and it's always a thrill to listen to it as he gathers extraordinary people around the subject of Apple tech.

This year was an epiphany: Phil Shiller, Apple Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing was invited on stage!

It turned out to be both funny and humane. Phil Shiller accepted to answer most questions with humour and sincerity. It was far from a fan-boy, PR driven interview. It was all about people, and their values -- and tech. And baseball. Great insight into Apple's culture shred by a Senior VP :)

"Live From WWDC 2015, With Special Guest Phil Schiller" is a collector.

Prefer to read it? Check out Serenity Caldwell's 9000 words transcript on iMore.

Highly recommended.

Element Skate Camp flashback

Almost a year ago… time flies.

PS: yes, that is @mathiasbregnard flying high ;)

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