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18 years old today

Kerala Backwaters

we were sharing a beer watching the sun set on a beach near Colva, in Goa, India.

We were completing out first trip together and savouring the shared moments and magical places we'd discovered in this magnificent country. It was the stepping stone of our next journey : sharing life together.

Eighteen years ago still feels as yesterday ♥️ Love knows not what time is.

Thank you for the love and caring. Happy anniversary!



Sick and horrified by the #CharlieHebdo massacre, no cause can justify murder #JeSuisCharlie.

#JeSuisCharlie : la carte des manifestations et des photos de soutien

Plexus - deep intimacy

It all start with a heartbeat. Loud. Deep. Intense.

Then Kaori Ito slowly disappears as eaten up by the curtain behind her, only to reappear in your dreams, or nightmares.

The sound of her body, her fingers, her nails, her feet against the cords and the setup gives texture to her mouvements. The loud repetitive soundtrack beats it into your consciousness.

She moves, falls, stops and climbs with and against all odds gravitates upside down and back again, grinding her way into your soul and burning your memories.

It was an amazing show crafted by Aurélien Bory in which Kaori Ito becomes part of an intimate landscape, unfolding before your eyes, and resonating in your heart. A must see.

Plexus is showing at the ADC until 9 December 2014.

The need for speed

Fibre optic (into the flat) was activated this morning. I can confidently say that if bottleneck there is, it is no longer at my end of the pipe :)

Initial transfer bursts reach 300+/60+ Mbps - #bliss

Récits de femmes

Stage curtains

we went to the theatre to see “Récits de Femmes” by Franca Rame et Dario Fo.

“On peut être féministe et drôle, dénoncer les abus en s’amusant”

What an amazing performance! A dazzling rainbow of laughter, emotions, truths and intelligence!

A minimal setup emphasizes the story, distills the essence of the characters that express themselves in turn, taking you into their world and spinning you around.

Though bleak statements of women's condition today, you laugh and think and realise. This play should be compulsory for all school boys and girls!

The cast is extraordinary: Michele Millner, Mia Mohr and Jeanne Pasquier singing together of acting alone, master the art of storytelling and self derision.

★★★★☆ This is one of the best show of the year - hurry up if you haven't seen it yet! (runs until 30 November 2014)

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