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The sky is the limit

The sky is the limit

Mathias turned 12 last Saturday.

Mathias invited his best friends (Ariane, Audren, Axel, Camille, Dejan, Lauren, Shana), and we all left for the Club Alpin Franí§ais to spend a couple of hours indoor rock climbing under the supervision of Jean-Marie Boimond.

We had a fabulous time. I love spending time with my children and their friends engaging in physical activities. They were enthusiatic, motivated, tried themselves on different routes, learning how to secure one another. Falling, swinging, laughing.

They know each other since they started school, or even before for some, and share a great deal of intimacy. They are growing up into lovely young people, entering their teenage – whatever that means – with a broad smile painted over their face.

Jean-Marie has a special way with young people (and grown ups too!), and establishes a privileged relationship based on trust and a mutual respect. He is a brilliant guy, a very nice person and an expert in his field. I would following him anywhere on the mountain.

We all ended up at home, eating spaghetti bolognaise and playing games until late in the evening. Some decided to sleep over, spreading mattress' out in Mathias' bedroom, prolonging the party until the next day.

Fabulous. Thanks Mathias for sharing thoses precious moments with us.

Love you // dad

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