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Accessible Biometric ID for Mac OS X

Sony offers a USB fingerprint identification unit for Mac OS X based on Sony's imaging technology.

&quote; Puppy Suite for Mac OS X (FIK-600) Fingerprint Identification Unit (FIU-600) and authentication software (FIS-600) bundle replaces a password with something so unique it can't be duplicated, lost, or forgotten - a fingerprint. Lightweight and small in size, the Puppy unit offers the ultimate in convenience with a new level of safekeeping. This ID unit is equipped with the intelligence to recognize and store your fingerprints on-board the device, for the utmost security and privacy. &quote;
Thanks enrique.

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Reponses to “Accessible Biometric ID for Mac OS X”

#1 by Cameron

01:25 on 16 April 2003

I have one of these and they are so cool. It is way easy to use and now I do not have to remember my password. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!

#2 by Matthew

04:11 on 20 June 2003

i used to own a pc and have recently switched to a mac, the same exact thing on www.digitalpersona.com for a pc only costs 99.00 why such the difference for something that has already been out for 2 years for pc?

#3 by Jack

17:28 on 22 July 2003

Law of supply and demand. There are very few solutions for the Mac (this is actually the first one I have found) We are looking for a biometric solution that will work for both PCs and Macs authenticating to AD

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