∅ the empty set

General Protection Fault

PANIC : General Protection Fault (#13) at $0010B48F
EAX=07FFFFFF EBX=00000000 ECX=03F96E01 EDX=00000071
ESP=0048FD58 EBP=0048FD78 ESI=00000000 EDI=00000000

Samedi fut une mauvaise journée. Je vous en raconterais plus lundi soir.

Nous avons trouvé notre appartement cambriolé en rentrant des urgences pédiatriques. Il y a parfois des journées noires.

No (more) comments. Shit happens.

Call Stack :

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Reponses to “General Protection Fault”

#1 by enrique

10:54 on 2 April 2004

Jeudi 1er avril, le poisson a un goût amer... shit really happens... :/

#2 by David Lou

09:12 on 21 October 2004

Just surfed in and found this really interesting place here. A lot of good stuff for everybody.
Go on like this and i will surely visit your site again sometime.

#3 by Nina Jisette

09:47 on 14 February 2005

Does anybody know why? I can’t believe that this is really true! But often the things are not as they seem to be in this coloured world…

#4 by Olivia Zoe

13:23 on 22 April 2005

This is really a crazy world. How can anybody understand all this crazy stuff all around? It's so meaningless, but in one way it's fantastic!

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