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Virex 7.2 available

antivirus_logo.gifI just happenend to notice that Virex 7.2 is available to .Mac members. Virex automatically checks for the most recent updates now (eUpdate), but still doesn't offer any active protection..

Funnily enough, Virex 7.2 comes bundled with November 13th, 2002 DAT files, eventhough I had the latest weekly definitions installed for Virex 7.1. At first launch, it prompts you for your admin password and downloads the latest definitions (Jan 29, 2003).

It doesn't seem to take into account your previous settings. "Automatically scan at login" was checked. The eUpdate function is set to launch when you open Virex 7.2. I don't believe that checks for definitions on a regular basis (cron job) or at login.

So I guess that those of us who installed Bruno Courbage's Virex 7 shell scripts or Beri Rinaldo's Get DAT Updates can keep using them.

A word on Virex's active protection
I found the following posts on Virex's .Mac Forum

Topic: Is Virex always active?
<[email protected]@.3bb98fbf/0>

Topic: Does Virex Have AutoProtect Feature?
<[email protected]@.3bb96876>

In both thread, the answer is,

Virex does not have any automatic scanning capabilities. You have to launch it for it to run, and you have to pre-select whatever you want it to scan.

Hope this answers your question.

Thank you,
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#1 by David Roessli

09:39 on 8 February 2003

Oops. MacMegasite reports a conflit between Virex 7.2 and Fink



Installing it after Fink is installed will damage your Fink installation; installing it prior to Fink will make it impossible to install Fink without damaging Virex.


More info available at Fink News (

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