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  • My weblog has turned twenty

    I just realised that my first blog post dates back to February 14th, 2000. That’s twenty years ago, give or take a few days.

  • Meet Kirby

    Kirby is an elegant content management system, both in its design and its performance. Amongst many things, it provides a fast templating engine coupled with a powerful chainable PHP API.

  • First ballet of the season

    We attended our first ballet of the season yesterday : Minimal Maximal at the Grand Théâtre de Genève.

  • Goodbye Pair Networks

    While the days are shortening and the rain falls quietly outside, I’m feeling a pang nostalgia as I’m about to close my last client accounts hosted at pair Networks.

  • Tracker-free site

    In a recent post, Garrett Dimon talks about how he quit using analytics on his personal site, and how he hasn’t missed it or even need it.

  • Travelling with only Lightroom on iPad

    I didn’t take my laptop on our trip to Cambodia this year. I usually take a MacBook to backup and triage my photos, or to work on a personal or a client project. But not this year, I set off with just my iPad.

  • Domain name resilience
  • iOS 8 Family Sharing lockout
  • Back from California
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