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This place is like a dream..17 (@ Villa Scarpariello in Marmorataswarmapp.com/c/dhmPGSoeXp8C3

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Napoli may be the home of the fastest drivers, but it also hosts the slowest car rental I have ever witnessed

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About to begin the final leg of our Naples trip: the Amalfi coast

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Middle of the night “off we go”

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@tweakservers Yes, that’s what I figured… Thanks for the tip

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thinkgeek Today in Geek History: Peter Steiner’s famous “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” cartoon appears in the N..twitter.com/i/web/status/8…K5

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Living one of those suspended animation moments :/

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For once well below the average age… Mostly blue rince brigade tonight here at the Scala fo@JRartrt new film 🎥

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Avant première of “Visages Villages” by Agnès Varda and @JRart (@ Les Scala in Geneva, GE) swarmapp.com/c/0ETY1PkGaP1

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Un GRAND merci à toute l’équipe d’@uxlausanne pour nous avoir offert une édition riche et colorée d’! Merci pour la diversité <3

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aral Join @DiEM_25 in Hamburg at G20 for a day of constructive disobedience as we draft a democratic counter-narrative t..twitter.com/i/web/status/8…9Q

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Still on my top 3 favourite conferences <3 @uxlausanne (@ UX Lausanne 2017) swarmapp.com/c/fRD4FI3eG6N

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SkyNebula Sketchnote master @guillaumeberry at work at @uxlausanne

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Make sure to leave time for depth and nuances in your design processes /@s_DesignTools at

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One of the good things about getting old is that you learn things (I’ll second that) Tks @msjaneaustin for a great talk! (I love @MOO)

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@MOO is going global and recruiting! Go and talk to @msjaneaustin at the break

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Don’t be afraid to tear things apart to make sure you’re designing the solution and not the problem space / @msjaneaustin at

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Looking forward to discover Moo’s design system (MOODS) later this year :) @msjaneaustin at

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On the importance of user research for massaging your local ‘hippos’ /@msjaneaustin at

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Make it smaller rather that late /@msjaneaustin at

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