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First time I sent my luggage and ski gear ahead. I must admit it makes the journey much easier 😇 cff.ch/gare-services/…

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CourtneyPrivett Ran out of space before I got to some of the ones I heard as an engineer and chemist. pic.twitter.com/paWf9H7PcT

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Great post on their teardowns “10 Years of iPhone” by @iFixit ifixit.org/blog/8708/10-y…

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Inspirationf How they transport wind turbine blades in difficult terrain By piponwa pic.twitter.com/wulVjHjedR

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reneritchie Story of the Internet. pic.twitter.com/vaHDVXdlOS

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rachelandrew A huge list of available APIs github.com/abhishekbanthi…

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RT @macguitar: Yet another reason why I love Japan so much: theverge.com/2017/1/17/1430… 🚽 🇯🇵

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ericasadun And the balance of power….shifts. pic.twitter.com/v15qbIRWqY

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Anybody played with Opera Neon yet? youtu.be/t4MikGVvQOA

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Try sending “Happy Chinese New Year” in Messages on :)

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Perfect way to start our festive evening (@ les Bains Bleus) swarmapp.com/c/kiChlEXPYVB

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Anybody interested in a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh in working order ? @..instagram.com/p/BPIVqAjD8_P/M6

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To check out “Editorial Design: The New York Times Redesign Concept” abduzeedo.com/node/83273

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Oops… Snappr rated my avatar 58/10snappr.co/photo-analyzer…ff#w

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slice__42 Trop mignon le support W3 Elago pour Apple Watch avec sa tête de Mac 128K slice42.com/breves/2017/01… pic.twitter.com/WR1ot7mB1q

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@Emma_JW_ Check it out for me ;) “Un très spectaculaire Apple Store avec cascade d’eau en vitrine à Milan” slice42.com/apple/2017/01/…

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Meet my favourite New Year’s card 😊 Thankxxx @loriskumo and @stitchnsmile 😘 @ Cybermedia Concepts instagram.com/p/BPDal7SDJYX/

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Weird: I’ve just been prompted to enter my desktop Mac password on an iPad while resetting it w/o password

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Reminder: email is text based. Stop inserting images into your email signatures. It clutters my HD (and @basecamp for that matter).

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Rebooting… (@ Cybermedia Concepts @cybmeded in Carouge, Genèveswarmapp.com/c/jsVhaMcD55aAK

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@iamashley No problem :) Don’t hesitate to contact me /@Malarkey

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Discovering the new (Apple) Store design (at @Apple Store in London, LND) swarmapp.com/c/jcUtPcS9qkA pic.twitter.com/nPxQZOGO5D

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@delayedflight44 2 hours due to heavy fog in Southern England

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