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Airport Disk hangs logout if not unmounted

I've setup my brand new Airport Extreme base station with success about ten days ago, and was excited to test out the new Airport Disk feature. I intended to transfer my iTunes library onto an external disk, and share...

MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo WEP problems fixed?

Apple released an Airport Update 2007-002 that fixes connection problems that were nagging MacBook and MacBook Pro users ever since the release of the MacBook Pro C2D. Contrary to the previous one released earlier this year. This update also...

Wardriving in the Heathrow Express

On our way home from FoWA London 2007, I connected to the internet at Paddington waiting for the train to leave. I kept iStumbler open as we left the station expecting to see the number of access points fade as...

After FoWA London 2007

Heathrow Airport, gate 19, waiting to board the plane back to Geneva with Mathias and Enrique. The Future of Web Apps 2007 conference wrapped up yesterday for us as we didn't attend today's workshops. I'm flying back with mixed...

Unplugged in Leysin

Leysin. Just past 10pm, we're back from a lovely diner in the Fromagerie and we're all in bed, the kids having finally surrendered to a long day worth of excitement. I'm still fiddeling with my wifi connection, attempting to...

Multiple iTunes librairies

I've been playing around with iTunes 7 multiple librairies function, and I must admit it works as advertised. I've been looking for a solution that enables me to share a library among multiple Macs, along with its copy protected...

Yet another WiFi network (yawn)

Another WiFi network appeared in iStumbler this morning, which brings the total to ten. There were two (mine included) back in 2001 when I moved in, and four last summer. I'm actually hooking into private networks from across the...

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I have been contemplating the idea of upgrading my desktop Mac since this spring. The latest 27" iMac (Quad-Core) seemed the perfect candidate, but the release of Apple's 27" Monitor last September made me stick with the Mac Pro...


The autopsy of an iconic album cover picked up on A stacked graph of successive radio signals from pulsar CP 1919, in a 1977 astronomy encyclopedia that originated in a 1970 Ph.D. thesis. Fascinating <3...


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