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iTunes 12 {international} Days of Christmas

A quick tip for those who have installed iTunes - 12 Days of Christmas app and are experiencing unavailable song/book/show issues on your iOS devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone). You need to make sure your i18n settings are correct: Settings...

The iTunes Store's missing songs

The iTunes Store introduced variable pricing and states it is 100% DRM free since last Tuesday. Maybe. Maybe not. I have regularly updated my iTS purchases to the 256kbps ACC/DRM free versions as they became available, so I naturally...

Rainy Monday iMix

A whipped iMix of the tunes & vibes which kept me going on this cold and rainy February Monday morning. Just like that. ADD? Naahh…...

iPod Touch first impressions

My iPod Touch was delivered yesterday around 3pm, and I've been playing with it since. The iPhone hasn't reached Europe yet, and isn't announced in Switzerland at al for the moment, so it was my first contact with the...

Embracing iTunes Plus, or from LPs to MP4a, or some 32 years of music

Apple launched their DRM free music (256kbps AAC) last Tuesday by creating a new entity of the iTunes Store called iTunes Plus. All of EMI's catalog was to be offered in DRM free form sometime in May, and user...

Multiple iTunes librairies

I've been playing around with iTunes 7 multiple librairies function, and I must admit it works as advertised. I've been looking for a solution that enables me to share a library among multiple Macs, along with its copy protected...

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Hello, my name is David Roessli. I am a freelance web designer and developer based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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I have been contemplating the idea of upgrading my desktop Mac since this spring. The latest 27" iMac (Quad-Core) seemed the perfect candidate, but the release of Apple's 27" Monitor last September made me stick with the Mac Pro...


The autopsy of an iconic album cover picked up on A stacked graph of successive radio signals from pulsar CP 1919, in a 1977 astronomy encyclopedia that originated in a 1970 Ph.D. thesis. Fascinating <3...


Check out my latest Flickr ramblings. Mostly day to day cameraphone pictures stolen here and there.

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