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Show All Music

“Show All Music” has become “Show Music Available Offline” in the newly launched Apple Music, and I'm having trouble remembering where this setting is located (it must be my age…). It used to be in the Music settings, but...

The Talk Show live from WWDC with Phil Shiller

John Gruber has been recording his podcast live from WWDC these last few years, and it's always a thrill to listen to it as he gathers extraordinary people around the subject of Apple tech. This year was an epiphany:...

Debug 47: what an amazing episode

Gee, I haven't enjoyed a podcast episode this much for a long time! "Debug 47: Melton & Ganatra episode I: Demoing software to Steve Jobs" is a first hand insightful episode on how it was to work at Apple...

There's a market for that

Last Friday, Apple launched in Switzerland the latest revision of its smartphones, the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Although I had no intention of standing in line, I did drop by our local Apple Store mid-afternoon to take a look at...

iOS 8 Family Sharing lockout

Saturday 20th 07:30a CET: part of the problem has been fixed. My daughter's lockout was removed (as those of a number of people on internet) and the next update will provide better information on this process. Kudos Apple and...

Apple's localisation mess in Switzerland

As good as Apple is with its software and hardware design, it fails to address localisation issues in its communications and online services. At least here in Switzerland. I've been grumbling about l10n issues for a long time now,...

iThanks - Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

We all knew this was going to happen soon or later, but Steve Jobs' resignation as Apple CEO still came as a shock as I read my morning feeds. As always, it did it his own way. So be...

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I have been contemplating the idea of upgrading my desktop Mac since this spring. The latest 27" iMac (Quad-Core) seemed the perfect candidate, but the release of Apple's 27" Monitor last September made me stick with the Mac Pro...


The autopsy of an iconic album cover picked up on A stacked graph of successive radio signals from pulsar CP 1919, in a 1977 astronomy encyclopedia that originated in a 1970 Ph.D. thesis. Fascinating <3...


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