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I've been using Pinboard (and before that) on and off to save my links ever since 2005. Here are the latest links I saved. You'll find all the others on Pinboard.

  • I put together a “cheat sheet that helps write interview and follow ups questions for user research and usability test protocols” Those are fragments of questions to should help you get started writing your own questions.

    Tagged with: research / ux
  • Minimal snippets for modern CSS layouts and components

    Tagged with: css / layout
  • If you want your images to be as sharp as possible, you need to target images at the user’s device pixels, rather than their CSS pixels.

    Tagged with: css / image / performance
  • John Bryan Hicks (1932–2021) was an architect, photographer, railway enthusiast and most importantly my Dad. Bryan is a free, single-weight open type font, a faithful digital recreation of his distinctive handwriting.

    Tagged with: font-face
  • Everything important and useful to know about CSS Custom Properties. Like that they are often referred to as “CSS Variables” but that’s not their real name.

    Tagged with: css / reference
  • TimeMachineEditor is a software for macOS that starts backups in Time Machine at particular times. You can choose an interval or create other types of scheduling.

    Tagged with: mac / timemachine / backup
  • It’s possible to upload arbitrary data from non-internet-connected devices by sending Find My BLE broadcasts to nearby Apple devices that then upload the data for you

    Tagged with: security / airtags / wifi
  • A reset of sensible defaults by Andy Bell

    Tagged with: css / reset / webdev
  • Let’s face it, unless you develop a complex product—and even if you do—you probably don’t need half the humungous hunk of CSS you bung at a browser. In fact, it’s possible you only need one default and one alternative style for every element.

    Tagged with: css / design
  • Accelerate Your Website With An Image-Optimizing CDN

    Tagged with: image / responsive / performance
  • Gavi is co-leading COVAX, the vaccines pillar of the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator. This involves coordinating the COVAX Facility, a global risk-sharing mechanism for pooled procurement and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

    Tagged with: covid-19 / vaccine / socialequity
  • Code is therapy.

    Tagged with: code / life / programming
  • Taking a character-by-character look at the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine.

    Tagged with: vaccine / dna / rna / covid-19
  • Be quiet, or they will hear you

    Tagged with: fun / scifi
  • An online workshop hosting company.

    Tagged with: workshop / teaching / classroom
  • Deliver your next deck faster. Browse professionally designed, fully customizable templates. Best of all? They’re free.

    Tagged with: template / slidedeck / presentation
  • There’s a huge storm blowing in across the South West today and snuggled up in my Exmoor garret I am thinking about the days I have spent climbing down to inaccessible and beautiful Cornish beaches. — Hesp Food & Travel

    Tagged with: cornwall / beach
  • We all share and use the web, just as we all share and live on this planet. This manifesto is a public declaration of a shared commitment to create a sustainable internet.

    Tagged with: sustainability / environment
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