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I've been using Pinboard (and before that) on and off to save my links ever since 2005. Here are the latest links I saved. You'll find all the others on Pinboard.

  • Like your body, our SOLE is the foundation of everything we do. Letting your foot move naturally, plus giving you just-right protection, support, and comfort…

    Tagged with: travel / shoes / wear
  • A favourite macOS utility: easily control your Mac’s data usage on slow or expensive networks. Stop wasting money on limited data plans.

    Tagged with: mac / utility
  • iSH Shell app lets you locally run a Linux shell environment on iPhone and iPad

    Tagged with: utilities / ios
  • This blog post extends the content of WWDC 2020 “Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the web” session by providing detailed examples to assist developers’ adoption of this new technology.

    Tagged with: security / webkit
  • BIG TIMER a fullscreen countdown timer for workshops, meetings and presentations

    Tagged with: tool / presentation
  • Plop is a little tool that saves you time and helps your team build new files with consistency.

    Tagged with: javascript / generator / templates
  • Who is peeking over your shoulder while you work, watch videos, learn, explore, and shop on the internet? Enter the address of any website, and Blacklight will scan it and reveal the specific user-tracking technologies on the site—and who’s getting your data. You may be surprised at what you learn.

  • AVIF is a new image format derived from the keyframes of AV1 video. It’s a royalty-free format, and it’s already supported in Chrome 85 on desktop.

    Tagged with: image / performance / compression
  • Resources, tips and tools to build and check the color accessibility in one single place for future reference

    Tagged with: accessibility / color / css / design
  • Iif someone gains access to your device passcode, and your iCloud password is in your keychain, they can get your iCloud password from your keychain. All you need is the device passcode to access all of the passwords in iCloud keychain.

    Tagged with: iphone / security
  • This is Mac OS 8, running in an Electron app pretending to be a 1991 Macintosh Quadra. Yes, it’s the full thing. I’m sorry.

    Tagged with: apple / emulator / javascript / mac
  • The intent of these guidelines is to help maintain a consistent voice in Apple materials. Always an interesting read and reference.

    Tagged with: design / styleguide
  • how patterns for loading long lists can impact the Core Web Vitals with some recommended fixes.

    Tagged with: webdesign
  • Estelle Caswell talks to Tony Hawk and architectural historian Iain Borden about some of skateboarding’s most iconic spots and how skate architecture has changed over the years.

    Tagged with: culture / skateboard
  • Modern CSS has numerous tools to help you improve the legibility of your text, from cutting edge technologies like variable fonts, to newly precise control of established properties. Edoardo Cavazza introduces some of his favorite tricks, with plenty of actionable tips for implementing them on your own sites.

    Tagged with: css / accessibility / design / typography
  • Inclusive Design is a methodology, born out of digital environments, that enables and draws on the full range of human diversity. Most importantly, this means including and learning from people with a range of perspectives.

    Tagged with: accessibility / inclusive
  • This website is a tool intended for SEO’s and webmasters seeking pre-made and validated JSON-LD markup for their websites.

    Tagged with: json / seo / microdata
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