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I've been using Pinboard (and before that) on and off to save my links ever since 2005. Here are the latest links I saved. You'll find all the others on Pinboard.

  • We all share and use the web, just as we all share and live on this planet. This manifesto is a public declaration of a shared commitment to create a sustainable internet.

    Tagged with: sustainability / environment
  • A personal evaluation of Kirby vs Satamic by Marcus Obst

    Tagged with: kirby / satamic / cms
  • Omatsuri, a little collection of free useful helpers.

    Tagged with: css / design / tools / svg
  • How to enable SuperDuper! to create a bootable backup of your startup drive in macOS 11 Big Sur.

    Tagged with: mac / backup
  • The free Apple Macintosh papercraft pattern

    Tagged with: mac / art
  • A new fast, secure and private search engine driven by Bing.

    Tagged with: privacy / security / search
  • Parcel streamlines your development workflow to help you rapidly code high-quality emails.

    Tagged with: html / email / mailing
  • Rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML. If you can suppress the urge to retch long enough to give it a chance, I really think you’ll wonder how you ever worked with CSS any other way.

    Tagged with: css
  • A simple scroll library used by developers at Locomotive. Built as a layer on top of ayamflow’s virtual-scroll, it provides smooth scrolling with support for parallax effects, toggling classes, and triggering event listeners when elements are in the viewport.

    Tagged with: scroll / javascript
  • Sit with this for a bit. Maybe walk away from it all and get a job herding goats. Goats are great.

    Tagged with: webdesign / environment / sustainability
  • An ebook with lots of tips and techniques on how to debug CSS the right way with easy and studied methods.

    Tagged with: book / css / webdev
  • The feature-length documentary AlphaGo is now available to stream for free on YouTube

    Tagged with: deepmind / AI / movie
  • Like your body, our SOLE is the foundation of everything we do. Letting your foot move naturally, plus giving you just-right protection, support, and comfort…

    Tagged with: travel / shoes / wear
  • A favourite macOS utility: easily control your Mac’s data usage on slow or expensive networks. Stop wasting money on limited data plans.

    Tagged with: mac / utility
  • iSH Shell app lets you locally run a Linux shell environment on iPhone and iPad

    Tagged with: utilities / ios
  • This blog post extends the content of WWDC 2020 “Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the web” session by providing detailed examples to assist developers’ adoption of this new technology.

    Tagged with: security / webkit
  • BIG TIMER a fullscreen countdown timer for workshops, meetings and presentations

    Tagged with: tool / presentation
  • Plop is a little tool that saves you time and helps your team build new files with consistency.

    Tagged with: javascript / generator / templates
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