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I've been using Pinboard (and before that) on and off to save my links ever since 2005. Here are the latest links I saved. You'll find all the others on Pinboard.

  • Whenever possible, the safest, and most future-proof bet is to use the native features of the web platform.

    Tagged with: webdesign / css
  • Byfar the best iPod simulator I have ever seen. Threw me back 20 years…

    Tagged with: javascript / ipod
  • The beautiful new variable version. Make sure to check this site on your smart.

    Tagged with: typography / font
  • An Introduction to Web Components by Dave Rupert

    Tagged with: html / webdev / javascript
  • The 20th Annual Logo Trend Report presented by LogoLounge is full of all the good, the badass, and the ugly.

    Tagged with: design / logo
  • This tool shines by its simplicity and usefulness. It not only did it saved me time, it also helped me better understand how and when (and why) certain of my more obscure rules were triggered or not.

    If you meddle in Apache’s mod_rewrite at all, this tool is a game changer.

    Tagged with: debug / .htaccess / mod_rewrite
  • If you meddle in Apache’s mod_rewrite at all, this tool is a game changer.

    Tagged with: debug / .htaccess / mod_rewrite
  • Even with redistribution, the wealthiest person in the game is exponentially richer than the poorest.

    Tagged with: social / maths
  • By far the best Mastodon onboarding I’ve found to date by Joanna Stern and Meghan Bobrowsky

    Tagged with: howto / mastodon
  • Switzerland gets a nice energy dashboard. Including lake levels for hydropower, gas import/export flows, savings target, EU gas storage levels …

    Tagged with: energy / dashboard
  • By far the best guide to Flexbox to date. I finally understand flex-basis.

    Tagged with: css / flexbox / tutorial
  • With iCloud File Sharing, you can share folders and documents in iCloud Drive with others.

    Tagged with: dropbox / macos / filesharing
  • A repository of historical materials relating to Steve, some of which have never before been made public

    Tagged with: life / stevejobs
  • A comprehensive guide for exploring and learning about the theory, science, and perception of color and contrast.

    Tagged with: color / theory
  • Travel back in time and revisit four iconic Apple Stores on grand opening day.

    Tagged with: apple
  • Compare and learn about dev tools in different browsers

    Tagged with: browsers / webdev / comparison
  • The place to go to manipulate files

    Tagged with: conversion / pdf / tools
  • To help you circumvent the common pitfalls that the English language brings along, Andy Taylor created Style Manual, a reference document for punctuation, style, and spelling.

    Tagged with: reference / style / writing
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