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Aperture 3 fails to honor time zones

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I am currently having issues with the way Aperture 3 deals with timestamps when editing images via a plugin.

It appears that each time I edit an image via a plugin, the time zone changes.

Now, the time zone was properly set when I imported the images into Aperture, and all masters display the proper time and time zone.

The issue only appears when I edit and save an image within a plugin. The timezone is set to that of my computer.

The pictures below show the timestamp of the master and of the edited version:

Aperture TZ IST Aperture TZ CET

This drove me nuts last Sunday when when each edited image disappeared from the image browser after saving it. As the images were sorted by date, I really thought I'd lost the edited image before realising that it was displayed further down, according to its current timestamp.

The master images are in IST (UTC+05:30) while my current time zone is CET (or HNEC (UTC+01:00).

Searching Apple's Discussions, it turns out that there are quite a few threads on this topic:

I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but this misbehaviour gets very frustrating.

This behaviour is not linked to the plugin as I initially thought. It occurs both with Nik Software and Topaz Labs plugins.

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