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I've been playing around with a number of Twitter clients which offer push notification in one way or another, and the the closest I got to finding what I'm looking for was Tweet Push.

Tweet Push isn't a Twitter client but more of a Twitter sidecar. It runs side-to-side to your favourite Twitter iPhone client (currently Tweetie, Twitterrific, Twittelator, and TwitterFon) and received Twitter push notification on the iPhone.

It requires a Polar Beer Farm account that can be setup from the iPhone, but the Twitter Push settings are available only via the website.

Tweet Push allows you to control various aspects of how you are notified on your iPhone:

  • Choose between 2, 5, & 10 minute check interval.
  • Change the alert sound.
  • Enable notifications from your general status timeline.
  • Enable the text of the last tweet to be pushed to your phone.

You need to know that Tweet Push costs just USD 1, and includes a month of service. After that, each month costs another USD 1 via in-app purchasing (prepay). It works well, and it is the closest I've found to emulate the SMS notification we all once used to have…

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