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Twitter cleanup

Spent the last 10 minutes cleaning up my Twitter follower's list. Twitter has just introduced a new feature called "block":

We've introduced a new feature lots of folks requested called "block." Blocking someone means that you (and your pic) will not appear on the blocked person's friends list, profile page, friends timeline, badge, or anywhere else. The person will not be notified that they've been blocked, but they will be unable to add you as friend. The feature is a hyperlink in the sidebar of Twitter profile pages.

I'm no longer on thoses profiles with 6000+ friends..

And oh, yes, Twitter supports microformats now - too cool..

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#1 by Cle`

10:59 on 23 May 2007

Oh thanks a lot for the hint, I'm just terrified by those wild oats addings!
True that I'm not following any tweet.. =)

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