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The clouds are back

Long morning shadows

Back blogging at the Mouton Noir.

It was blue in the west and grey in the east when I left home this morning. Seasonal weather seems to have caught up with us this last week. Temperatures have dropped, it rained (hard) and we entered May.

I've barely acknowledged the fact that Easter is behind us that the summer break is behind the next corner. The children have left on their school's day out today to JuraPark. The summer public events are are all layed out, I only have 4 lectures left at University and still haven't booked anything for this summer. Confusing.

But why? Let's step back a minute I try to figure out why I have this feeling of time flying by. Have I slowed down to the point that I perceive the World as rushing by? Am I so disorganised that I spend most of my time sorting out what I have to do and in what order? Am I enjoying myself so much these good times are too short? Probably all of the preceeding or less.

The bottom line is that I am a lucky man. I have a rich family life, a rich working life, stimulating projects, a few close friends,

So why am I running late on some projects? Am I really running late? Things always get done in the end.

Dunno. Forget it. Get real.

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