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Carla Bruni | No Promises

Carla Bruni | No Promises

We waited two years for Carla Bruni's second album, and here it is at last. First impression is that it is short - 35" minutes max. - and entirely in English this time. The texts are old American and British poems that Carla Bruni interprets with her talent and personality.

Marianne Faithfull coached her with the choice of the lyrics, while her friend Louis Bertignac produced the record - and you can hear it. Check the sound of her guitar on this album.

Disappointed? No and yes and no. It is a very clean album, very professional, it's rolls on your tongue, but lacks the magic of the first one, the malice, the prickly spice of the texts. Where are the surprises? Where is the rebellion?

Pleasant, enjoyable, correct, yawn. No promises.

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