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iPhone: a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device

Now the reality distortion field has faded a little since Steve Jobs' keynote, a few observations materialised in my early morning dreaming.

  1. The iPhone announcement and presentation was a bomb. An investor's bomb, not necessarily a Mac loyal bomb. Who was Steve Jobs really talking to? To those who stood by the Macintosh back in those days when the times were rough and the share price close to $10, or to those who made a 10% profit Tuesday afternoon? Nevertheless, I can't wait to get one. Let's just hope the operator's don' ruin the concept by SIM locking it, or crippling its features..
  2. Apple TV? Yes, well, boh. Music excepted, there isn't much the iTunes Store can feed into it outside of the USA, and I'm not inclined to convert my DVD movies to DIVx or MPEG4 as I did with my CD music.
  3. The most concrete novelty wasn't formerly announced during the keynote: Macs now support the 802.11n wireless protocol. That is not much to go on for Apple Resellers, unlike former keynotes.
  4. This edition of MacWorld is definitively confirmed it as a consumer event. Turn to the WWDC for the real Macintosh events.
  5. Maybe we haven't heared all of it.

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