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iLife 04 translations

You probably watched yesterday's Keynote, so I won't comment on it or the new products/ services that were announced until I start to use them. Nevertheless, I was amused to discover how badly some product tag lines can be translated into French. The PowerBook 12"/17" «Small is Big..» one was terrible in French - meaningless actually. The iLife 04 is worse: it vehicles the wrong message:

[ iLife 04 English tag line ]
[ iLife 04 French tag line ]

The French translation found on Apple Switzerland's website was removed and replaced by the English text earlier this morning. They must have warned that computer translated texts should be reviewed by a human being..

The translation roughly goes like «As from now on, it's for life between Microsoft Office and you»

14:46 CET Update: here's the new version that has appeared on Apple France.

[ iLife 04 French new tag line ]

«The Microsoft Office for your creative .. life»

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Reponses to “iLife 04 translations”

#1 by Richard Anderson

00:55 on 8 January 2004

That's funny. The new French translation works well now but even I had (and still have trouble) with the English version. Every time I read it, I can not for the life of me dismiss the idea that we are stuck with MS Office for the duration of our lives. And then I can not figure how iLife is supposed to correct that torture -- except as relief.

#2 by David Roessli

13:39 on 8 January 2004

Very true. Actually, it's not before I read the 1st French translation that I fully understood what the English one was all about ..

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