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How to get iSync to work (part 1)

Okay, I know .. I'm a real geek .. but I was itching to try this combination for a while now.. and as Apple isn't supporting other phones (yet) I switched to a T68i. (Why did Nokia give up local SyncML on their 6xxx serie anyway!?!)


Firstly, I worked on my Address Book. Made it into my primary contact source by importing all the records from Palm Desktop. Needless to say that it took a fair amount of time to clean the Address Book up, remove old entries, amend and complete current ones etc.

Note: that's where Chimera's tab browsing is a life saver: I had the Swiss white pages in one tab, the yellow ones in another, as well as the French and English Directories in their own. All of them in own single window! Come one Safari .. get your tabs ..

Secondly, I selected all the contacts I wanted to upload to the phone by adding them to a group called "Cell", and then loaded them all into the phone via iSync with success - first go. Okay, the Address Book got all messed up because I forgot to "Reset all Devices" before the sync, but I had a backup handy, and the previous state was easily restored.

I've got an operational phone now. Next I'll be attempting to sync the Palm, phone and Mac. I'll keep you posted.

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